Open Letter to Welsh Government on the failure to open the Welsh Gender Team clinic

20th May 2019 (updated with reply - 7th June 2019)

On 15th May 2019, we wrote to Welsh Government following the failure of the Welsh Gender Team clinic to open in April 2019. The letter can be viewed via the following link:

Open Letter to Welsh Government 15 May 2019

UPDATE 6th June 2019 We received a reply from Welsh Government to the open letter. This can be viewed via the following link:

Welsh Government reply to open letter (6th June 2019)

Our position on the reply

We do not consider this letter a satisfactory response to the open letter. We dispute the assurances made to the minister by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and will continue with our campaign for a full investigation with full Welsh Government oversight.

In the letter, the minister states that "WHSSC has provided assurance that the CP182 protocols and associated guidance have been, and continue to be, followed in the development and implementation of the service."

From this it is very clear that WHSSC has misled the minister. Carole Bell, Director of Nursing and Quality and on the WHSSC joint committee, attended the All Wales Gender Identity Partnership Group (AWGIPG) meeting on 4th June. Carole Bell is the commissioner for the new service and is fully conversant with CP182. At this meeting the specific issues where the proposed service fails to meet the CP182 protocols were clearly put and discussed in detail. Despite this, WHSSC still gave the all clear to Welsh Government.

As it now stands, we are facing a dangerous situation where a service is about to launch which is unsafe and inferior compared to the current system that refers to the London clinic. Welsh Government has had the wool pulled over its eyes and are telling us all that everything is going great and that we just need to hang in there and wait a little. The warnings made months ago have been ignored and Dr Sophie Quinney, the only fully trained clinician to be interviewed, refused to take a clinic role citing safety and governance issues. We are being ignored and are being made to accept poor, sub-standard health care. These are not good times to be a Trans patient in Wales.

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