Progress in the delivery of adult gender identity services in Wales

18th August 2018

The Wales Equality Alliance welcomes the Welsh Government’s announcement on progress in the delivery of adult gender identity services to people in Wales. Trans people in the Cardiff and Vale area who the London Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) has already said should be treated, but who haven’t been able to obtain prescriptions, will now be able do so via a specially appointed GP. This new service will start in September. In addition to this, the Welsh Gender Team will start seeing other patients in October. The Welsh Gender Team, which includes specialist GPs trained in trans health issues, will see patients from across Wales.

We also thank Cardiff and Vale UHB and the Welsh Government for working with us. We are pleased by the offer made by Mr Len Richards, the Chief Executive of Cardiff and Vale UHB and Dr Graham Shortland, its Medical Director to liaise with us regularly about health care for transgender people in Wales. Cardiff and Vale UHB has also contacted GPs in its area to ensure that they are aware of the current arrangements for treating transgender patients and of future arrangements, and we hope that GPs will respond positively to this and undertake prescribing for their patients. We particularly welcome the offer made by Mr Richards to liaise with other boards on behalf of patients in their areas to help them obtain treatment.

We understand there are currently about 400 patients waiting to be seen by the GIC and a backlog of around 80-100 patients who have already been seen by the GIC but who haven’t been able to obtain their prescriptions. We are concerned that the size of this backlog, in addition to any new patients, may mean that the resources committed will not be sufficient to provide proper health care to patients in a timely manner and will keep this under review.
We will continue to monitor the situation carefully, to liaise with various health boards and the Welsh Government, and continue to campaign for trans equality and the fair treatment of trans people throughout Wales, ensuring that their medical needs are met.


Background information:  The Wales Equality Alliance was established by activists and concerned transgender patients in Wales in 2018. Its aims are to advance transgender equality in all areas including ensuring equality of health care provision for transgender patients. It has both a watching and campaigning brief. On health issues, the Alliance has met with Vaughan Gething, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, and with the Cardiff and Vale UHB. The Alliance is partnered with Pride Cymru and is supported by academics, key figures Welsh politics as well as concerned members of the public.

Twitter: @Wales4Equality